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British Tech Entrepreneur, Tutor, Writer, Producer & Presenter with 24 years of experience in the Education sector

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Mark Maclaine knows firsthand how tough learning can be, having overcome his own hurdles with ADHD and dyslexia. At first, these challenges held him back; but in time they became the inspiration he needed to make a difference. He's spent years turning traditional teaching on its head, offering one-on-one support that's not just about grades, but about sparking curiosity. Mark has gone on to become one of the most successful tutors in the world, teaching the children of world leaders, royal families and movie stars.

His journey has touched not only his students but also thousands of educators he's trained, sharing his passion for using innovative technology and new ideas to make education better and society stronger, no matter who you are or where you're from.


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Growing up on a London council estate, Mark faced not just the internal hurdles of ADHD and dyslexia, but also the external challenges of limited resources and opportunities. His early education was tough, laden with obstacles that extended beyond the classroom and seeped into the confines of socioeconomic constraints.

However, these complexities only fuelled his resolve. Realising that conventional education methods were often out of sync with individuals' unique learning curves, especially for those from backgrounds like his own, Mark ventured beyond traditional academic boundaries. He dissected learning to its core, reshaping his own teaching into something accessible and effective regardless of one's origins or personal challenges.

This more 'holistic', self-driven understanding of education, inspired by his own challenges, laid the groundwork for his work in the field of personalised education. Harnessing his insights, he created tailored tutoring approaches, reaching students from all walks of life and proving that everyone has potential waiting to be unlocked.

Today, Mark Maclaine is not just an educator; he is a tech entrepreneur, writer, producer and STEM presenter. His journey to this from a council estate is a testament to his belief that every student deserves the keys to unlock their fullest potential, regardless of their starting point in life.


Uppercent - Co-founder / Chief Learning Officer (Current)

Learn from the top 1% of achievers & access the tools you need to become elite

Uppercent is reshaping adult learning through its pioneering platform that merges Web 3 communities, blockchain, and AI. In collaboration with Flare, it offers a unique model where learners buy, then resell, access passes to courses led by top achievers, enhancing their educational journey. Each course completion is blockchain-certified, ensuring secure and verifiable accomplishments. Fresh off pre-seed funding, Uppercent stands as a beacon of innovation in digital education, making learning an investable, forward-thinking experience.

Every student who pays, we provide free tutoring for a child who can't, an online marketplace for tutors, was founded in 2010. It quickly became the market leader and at its height had over 60,000 tutors signed up. Tutorfair pioneered the online process of searching for quality education by offering a user-friendly platform where learners could easily browse, communicate with, and secure tutors who fit their specific learning needs and goals. The platform stood out for its commitment to accessibility, providing a unique feature where for every course purchased, contributions are made towards free tutoring for underprivileged students. This socially-conscious model makes Tutorfair not just a marketplace, but a community invested in fostering educational equity. Tutorfair exited in 2023.

Tutorfair - Co-founder / Director of Education (Successful Exit)

Tutorfair Foundation - Co-founder / Trustee (Current)

Mission: 'Our vision is that one day every student will have access to great tutors regardless of background!'

Small group tuition is one of the most effective forms of education, yet it remains one of the most expensive. The Tutorfair Foundation aims to make this amazing resource available to as many students as possible. The Foundation so far has helped nearly 10,000 students, with over 1000 volunteers in our partner schools. This is a good start but we aim to do a whole lot more.

Resurgo Spear - Maths/English Course Creator (Past)

Resurgo SPEAR is an award winning program that helps place 16-24 year olds into work, using their unique career coaching and powerful life training courses. They've helped more than 5000 young people find work, and go above and beyond to help keep them there.

Mark created a Maths and English training course for this amazing charity. The program was designed to cover a broad range of skills, whilst trying to keep it as engaging as possible. So far this training has been rolled out to over 500 students, and the charity has even taken it work with women in prisons in Africa.

Art agency created by artists and collectors, for artists and collectors is an artist agency & publisher offering customised and dependable support to enhance the practices of its artists. Once the independent selection committee chooses an artist to represent, Toxic delivers administrative assistance, third party opportunities, art fair, career counselling, print releases, access to an exclusive network of top-tier collectors, pop-up opportunities, facilitates cultural and commercial collaborations, and provides media coverage. What started as a passion project has ballooned into a highly successful art company, with an incredible management team.

Toxic Arts - Co-founder / CEO (Current)

MEL Science - Presenter: Live Science Shows / Recorded Explanations

Making science approachable, fascinating, and effortlessly engaging

MEL Science is a global educational company, offering a subscription service that delivers 100+ hands-on projects for learners to perform in their own home. In 2020 Mark started presenting free live science shows for the company, aimed at the hundreds of thousands of students missing school. These shows were a huge success. After lock-down Mark continued to record science videos for the company's own app.

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